(Creative Sources)

The use of speech to outline unorthodox acoustic processes has turned into an authentic constraint for this writer. As decades pass through recordings and performances that capitalize on the less explicit attributes of timbre, one grows an immediate awareness of implications that remain unique depending on the subject’s susceptibility. In practice, certain sounds provide answers to questions that were never really asked because, to some extent, we had guessed that the primary universal laws revolve around the varying vibrational combinations of matter.

What’s truly useful to say to someone who might not detect what you just detected? One must be prepared for something that is there in evidence, but which many refuse to acknowledge. However, those who are into substance simply keep probing the ground (or rather, the air), using an instrument for emissions that disclose the presence of a pulsating core. Bertrand Denzler (tenor sax), Ernesto Rodrigues (viola) and Abdul Moimême (electric guitar and objects) belong in this field of instrumental connection. What they engendered here is a spirit>body>sound cascade that yielded results worthy of profound respect.

Aided by the very title we identify a consistency with what happens at various levels of interplay, including the focus of the involved parties. We clearly envision the immense potential that simmers within the human envelope, while also noticing the oscillation of dynamics from near-zero to serendipitous intensities. What the three manage to elaborate when their telepathic conjunction occurs is nothing short of remarkable. This improvisation comprises countless hints of intuitive comprehension, embellished by nuances of resonance sometimes inscrutable, elsewhere absolutely transparent. Music of subtle conflicts disseminated across a beautiful togetherness, explicating a modicum of knowledge as the freedom of spontaneousness is left to those who hate finely articulated platitudes.

The painful realization that it is impossible to express and do much more than time allows often causes a stasis of action. This stagnation may save precious mental energies, yet it is still dangerous, as it can lead to a lengthy standstill of the entire system. Restoring the fighting stance, in that case, is an arduous task. In such challenging moments for the maintenance of the inner balance, an album like Immobility And Movement is a small lifesaver. It needs tranquility, but it stimulates activity.