The Linda Sharrock Network – They Begin To Speak

(Improvising Beings) This double CD set contains two versions of the same piece. The first performance occurred on May 5, 2015 at The Lescar in Sheffield; besides Linda Sharrock’s vocals and Mario Rechtern’s reeds, it features Derek Saw (trumpet), John Jasnoch (guitar) and Charlie Collins (drums). Fifteen days later in a studio of Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Sharrock […]

Carlos Costa – Door of No Return

(Aural Terrains) Coming all the way from the Canary Islands, Carlos Costa (not to be confused with Italian percussionist Carlo Costa) is a double bassist operating through multiple categories and assignments. In Door Of No Return he attempted to calibrate the theoretical idiosyncrasies of his instrument in a solo context; this unceremonious set fits quite […]

Edith Alonso – Collapse

(Aural Terrains) An attentive analysis of Edith Alonso’s CV gives several clues about the typology of creative energies fuelling Collapse. Having been an active practitioner/student both in punk bands and electroacoustic environments, this Spaniard attempted to transfer the disorderly drive of anarchy into a more structured context, prepared electric bass being the lone source. Over […]

WTTF Quartet – Berlin Kinesis

(Creative Sources) The acronym stands for (Phillip) Wachsmann, (Roger) Turner, (Pat) Thomas and (Alexander) Frangenheim. A previous release by this quartet — Gateway ’97, same label — came out after 16 years from the original performance. Berlin Kinesis took much less to see the light, having been recorded in 2014. In the liners, a somewhat […]

Maja S.K. Ratkje / Jon Wesseltoft / Camille Norment / Per Gisle Galåen – Celadon

(Important) In today’s music world, performances and recordings revolving around drones are by now a dime a dozen. Thus, finding the right motivation for individuating genuine nutritional components after having discarded the chaff has become harder. Insubstantial albums may even sound radiant at the outset, but in a couple of listens the bluff is easily […]

Toshimaru Nakamura & Martin Taxt – Pan on Fire

(Monotype) Picture the juxtaposition of an instrument whose input is basically nonexistent (unless you want to include its handler’s creative spirit in there) and a fat member of the brass family typically connected to everything but noisy improvisation. Then add the “guerrilla factor”: namely, Martin Taxt feeding his tuba’s signal to Toshi Nakamura’s mixer, thus […]